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ISIN: CH0112933400


short Company profile

June 2012
Auris AG
Hirschgässlein 30
4051 Basel





Issued shares:

30 M. bearer shares to 0.02 CHF

Registered capital:

600,000 CHF

Depository Bank:

Bankhaus Neelmeyer AG, Bremen

Applicant Agent:

886 AG, Bad Vilbel

Listing Partner:

UBJ. GmbH, Hamburg


equinet Bank AG, Frankfurt /Main

Shareholder structure:

El + A Ltd., Vienna (16.7%)

Kastalia Ltd., Tortola (16.7%)
Boavista Securities Ltd., Hong Kong (50.0%)
Free Float (16.6%)


Company information


Date of foundation:

07/17/2009 (Entry in the
Commercial Register in Basel)

Accounting Standard:

According to Swiss Code of Obligations (Art. 662a OR)

Financial Year:

1st of January - 31st of December


Peter Goeggel, LL.M (Administrative Board)


Klaus Eckhof
(Managing Director/Technical Director of Exploration)


90%-owned subsidiary AURIS CONGO,
(mining licenses are held in the Democratic Republic of Congo)



Description of Business

The Auris AG, Switzerland, is a holding company in the mineral exploration industry, which through its subsidiary, AURIS CONGO SPRL, wants to explore and evaluate the natural wealth of Africa, in particular precious metals on its properties in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The idea of the Auris investment company is based to a considerable extent on the results of previous exploration resource companies in the area and the assumption that these commodities also occur in neighbouring areas due to the continuous geological formations.