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Auris AG appoints Klaus Eckhof as Technical Director Exploration

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The Board of Auris AG is pleased to announce that the renowned geologist, Mr. Klaus Eckhof, has been appointed head of exploration. This is an important step in the company's strategy, as Mr. Eckhof has first-class knowledge of the East Congo region. His scientific research of the region's geology had as a result, that this area was recognised as a continuous gold belt. Based on this, he developed this project in his capacity as chief technical director of Moto Goldmines Ltd. into the feasibility study stage. Moto Goldmines Ltd. owned 60% of the Moto-Project and has been taken over in 2009 by Randgold Resources Ltd. and Anglogold Ashanti Ltd. for US$ 500 million, in a time, when the gold price was just US$ 900 per ounce. The take over price gave the project a total valuation of US$ 833 million.

Meanwhile, a run began for the remaining licences in this gold belt. The big gold producers are represented as well as smaller companies.

The many years of exploration experience of Mr. Exckhof and his excellent knowledge of this gold belt are now at disposal for Auris AG. Under his guidance the experienced geologist, Maurits van den Berg, is heading an 80-strong team at the on-site exploration. We will be reporting about the progress.

The Board
Basel, April 23rd, 2012

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