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Successful launch of Auris AG at Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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Auris AG (WKN A1CYLE, ISIN CH0112933400)


Since one week now, Auris AG is traded in the Open Market with the code 1AU at Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The Board is very contented with this startup. The prospectus, approved by BaFin, can be viewed and downloaded by interested investors at the website of Auris AG The share capital of Auris AG is divided into 30 million shares.  There are wether options nor warrants. Through the listing interested investors have now the opportunity to be part of the company´s development from the very beginning. The company provides through its subsidiary AURIS CONGO SPRL about prospective 3247 square km (= 324 700 hectares) large license areas in the Kilo - Moto - gold belt of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Extensive gold mineralization is already known from the license area. Gold prospectors were active at many places and have reduced high-grade gold veins near the surface. Simultaneously geologists have carried out some geological investigations on behalf of the state mining authority over the last decades, so that extensive geological information is available to Auris.

But only the systematic exploration work of Moto Gold Mines Ltd. has resulted to understand this region of eastern Congo as a mega-gold belt.
Moto Gold Mines Ltd. was involved to 70% in a gold exploration area. The company had several related gold deposits, with estimated 22 million. identified oz of gold (Moto-share 70% = 15,4 Mio. oz). Moto Gold Mines was acquired in 2009 to approx. $ 500 million, and that at a former goldprice of 900-1000 U.S. $ / oz.

Auris has taken and analyzed thousands of soil samples over the past 12 months in order to plan the next exploration stage. Many of these soil samples showed gold values of more than
10 g / t.

Auris AG starts with significantly improved conditions in the development of projects:


  1. Auris CONGO holds 100% of the licenses
  2. The gold price currently is above the mark of 1,400 U.S. $ / ounce (compared to U.S. $ 900-950 even 2 years ago)
  3. Auris can draw on the basis of results of recent exploration and geological analysis in the region, saving considerable cost and time. Thus, the planned drilling program will be positioned precisely.
  4. There is now a clearly improved infrastructure. Thus the Chinese state invested billions of dollars in infrastructure (roads, railways) in the Congo (DRC) and in return receives access to mineral deposits. Only the road construction program includes approx. 3200 km roads. One of these new routes goes through the license area of Auris.

Therefore the board is looking optimistic to the future development of the company and will promptly report about further development.

On behalf of the Board,
Peter Goeggel


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