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ISIN: CH0112933400




Trenches shall be perpendicular to the basic line built in the some strike with The Quartz veins.

  • Trench length will vary from 10 m to 50 m;
  • Trench width will be 1m;
  • Trench depth : from 1,5 m to 2 m

The sampling point in the trench will depend on the variation of the rock facies or soil in the trenches, but we will collect samples at one meter spacing on the trench. After 25 or 30 samples collected we must collect the standard and duplicate samples for the QA/QC . These samples will be dried, sieved and storage in the sample plastic bags. Two kilograms of material will be collected before to sieve and 500 grams of sample material will be send for the lab analysis. The grain size fraction to be collected will lay from 2mm to 0, 3mm. The alluvial samples from diggings on the river flat will be collected on the contact of gravel deposit and the bed rock inside the pit , the quantity of sediments to screen will be about 1m3 of gravel , these material will be sieved and panned to make the representative sample. The aim will be focused on the gold grade assessment within the paleoplacer. Thinking about the drilling site setup and drill rig moving , works must be done to build and to connect access ways between the TEPE area , PANGOY area and SUN CITY area.



The duration of this second phase of the field works is set at 75 days .